Month: May 2019

Extreme Sports Trader’s List of the Best UK Trail-Running Spots

Put on your running shoes and sprint through one of these picturesque spots.

Running routes in the city can be crowded and become monotonous, especially if you use the same trail every time. Also, in today’s fast-paced world, our schedules are mostly loaded, so it’s hard for us to fit a running schedule into our calendars. Fortunately, if you’re in the UK, there are numerous, exceptional trail-running spots that are worth the space in your schedule such as:

Chiltern Hills

You can find this stunning escarpment a 30-minute train ride away from London. Chiltern Hills encompasses approximately 80 kilometers of land, forests, and hilltops. If you run the entire trail, you can surely see the beautiful view of the Home Countries from the hills. Furthermore, the Ridgeway path is also within the area. It is considered to be the UK’s oldest road.


One of our worthy contenders is the breadbasket of the United Kingdom. Running through Suffolk can surely be a breathtaking and refreshing experience. This countryside features seasonal views, medieval villages, beautiful bodies of water, and green rolling hills. Suffolk offers a great English countryside trail-running experience. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for a scenic city-escape.

Gower Coast

This spot was able to garner an AONB designation which is short for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s the first trail in the UK to be designated with it. Gower Coast can be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You’ll find lovely sandy shores, woodlands, castles, and most importantly, clifftop trails. If you’re searching for picturesque beach trails, this place is perfect for you.


Running through the mountainous trails of Snowdonia can become one of the most exhilarating and thrilling experiences you can have. The highest mountain in all of Wales challenges running enthusiasts with ridges, scrambles, and thrills. Bask in the view from the top here in Snowdonia.

Top Holiday Adventure Spots in The UK

Get ready to boost your adrenaline in these amazing British spots.

Most people look forward to spending a holiday in another country. However, if you’re one of the folks who live in the UK and haven’t been to one of these locations, then you’re probably missing a lot. In addition, these places will surely jumpstart your adrenaline boosters. Start off with blokarting in Jersey, riding the river tubes in Perthshire, climbing the cliffs of Lake District – the list goes on!

Get in on a slew of heart-racing adventures. Here is a list of our picks for the best holiday adventure spots in the United Kingdom.

Perthshire’s River Tubing Experience

One of the best water sports adventures can be found in Perthshire. The river tubing activity here is literally a wild ride. Brace yourself for the time of your life. Riding a life-size water pinball across the raging river rapids is surely an extreme adventure junkie’s dream you’d want to take part in.

Nae Limits offers exciting packages and deals for the group or the whole family. A £180 deal called Awesome Foursome package allows you and your group to spend a thrilling weekend in Perthshire. A weekend with canyoning, cliff jumping, white-water rafting, and quad biking are some of the activities you can enjoy.

Climbing the Cliffs of Lake District

What better way to have a muscle-aching and thrill-seeking adventure than to climb in the Lake District? Award-winning Via Feretta Extreme offers that experience for everyone. Experience the climbing up on giant cargo nets, vertical climbs, cliff edges, and many more.

If you plan to have a relaxing stay before starting your journey, you can book at Paradigm. A free adventure ticket will be given if you book an accommodation from them.

Ride the Blokarts in Jersey

Go-karts with sails are most enjoyable on a windy beach in Jersey. Prepare to ride in high speeds at St. Ouen’s Bay with Absolute Adventures’ go-karting activities. You’ll only need 10 minutes or less to learn how to maneuver and control the blokart. After that, you’ll be drifting and riding across the beach.

Rat Race’s Project: Explore

Rat Race, a multi-sport race organizer, has given us another opportunity to experience one of their endurance races. This April, get ready to climb the Snowdon with the starting point located underground. You will need to cycle up to the base of Snowdon before you can hike to its peak.