The Top Extreme Sports in the UK

The Top Extreme Sports in the UK

Is running around the park or the treadmill becoming too monotonous and dull for you? If that’s the case, then you might want to check out Britain’s thrilling extreme sports.

Mountain Boarding in West Sussex, England

Having a board that looks like a crisp combination of a skateboard and snowboard is the first thing you need for this sport. Strap yourselves and jump off one of the best mountain boarding spots in the whole of the United Kingdom. The Haredown Mountain Boarding Center offers slopes of varying sizes to accommodate all rider levels.

Kitesurfing in Bundle Bay, England

The best kitesurfing spots can be found in the North East of the UK. Cut through the rippling water as you glide across with KA’s kitesurfing equipment. KA Kitesurfing in Wylam offers lessons and activities for this type of sport.

Surfing in Pease Bay, East Lothian, Scotland

Here, you can find an uncrowded surfing paradise. Pease Bay’s vast area is more enjoyable with its consistent waves and non-jampacked waters. You can relax and lie down on the shores without the loud human chatter. It’s the best spot for those who are looking for a thrilling adventure and a relaxing place to unwind.

Paintballing in Gloucester, England

Practice your aim and scoping abilities with a paintballing activity. Equipped with a multitude of battle arenas, Go Ballistic Gloucester is one of Britain’s premier paintball sites. Here, you can shoot your way across the area with a paintball gun while enjoying the thrill. You can either win or lose in a paintball match, but either way, you’re bound to have fun.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire, Wales

This is the only coastal national park in Wales that gives you the ultimate opportunity to try out coasteering. Pembrokeshire has an abundance of cliffs, caves, and crags, making it a perfect place to fulfill your coasteering dreams. Prepare yourself as you climb up the rocks and jump into waves.

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