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Table Tennis

The Rules of Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

Table tennis is a popular sport in Asia with budget-friendly options and has been part of the Olympics since 1988. The sport played in ping pong tables, which started in England in the latter part of the 19th century, is known worldwide. It was first called “ping pong,” which is how the ball sounds on early bats. Eventually, some countries have acquired the trademark for the name, so it was given its common name, which is table tennis.

In a nutshell, ping pong is played with the following rules – except for the first serve, the ball being played needs to bounce once at the receiving player’s end; the player must return and hit the ball until it bounces at least one time at the opponent’s side of the table. When a player fails to return the ball, the opponent automatically gets the score.

This sport requires quick reactions as it is played fast. A hitter who can make the ball spin in the ping pong tables has an advantage since it limits the options of their opponent.

The Goal

The game’s previous goal was to score 21 points, but as of 2001, it has become 11. You get the point by outmaneuvering your opponent. This can be done by:

  • Missing the ball completely
  • Hitting the ball off the table
  • Hitting the ball into the net
  • The matches in this sport are typically played as best of 5, 7, or 9 games, with the first player to get 11 points in a 3, 4, or 9-game match wins.

Players and Equipment

The game is either one-on-one or doubles game, meaning two players against two. The sport doesn’t have strict rules when played informally, such as a family gathering or a fun match between friends.

Here are the official materials needed to play the sport:

  • Ping pong tables – a green or blue table (9ft long, 5ft wide, and 30 inches high) with a 6-inch net across its width
  • Rackets (also called paddles in the US and bats in the UK) – one side has a black color, and the other side is red
  • Table tennis ball (white or orange) – weighs 2.7g and with a size of 40mm diameter

How to Score

Here are the vital things you need to know to score in table tennis:

When the ball hit the lines at the edges of the table, it means that it is in, but it is out when it hits the side.

Your opponent gets the point when you fail to make a good serve.

  • You get the point when a shot is played, which your opponent failed to hit.
  • You get the point when your opponent hits the ball into the net or long or wide of the table.
  • The first player to get 11 points wins the game unless the score becomes tied at 10-10. In the latter’s case, the first player to lead by two points wins the game.

Other Rules of the Game

Here are the other rules of ping pong you need to know:

  • The player who will perform the first serve is determined through draw lots or toss coin.
  • The number of games is pre-agreed before the match starts, and the first to get 11 points wins each game.
  • The players swap positions and take turns in serving after each game.
  • Serves are done from an open palm, and every player serves two times in a turn.
Purchasing Basketball Shoes

Important Tips When Purchasing Basketball Shoes

The design of basketball shoes is based on fashion, comfort, and performance. As mentioned by 17 rebound, It is important to understand your playing capability and technique to choose the right shoes.  You need to understand speed, agility, or aggression as per the requirements of your game. Basketball Shoes are designed into the outsole, upper and midsole sections. The following tips will guide you when buying your next basketball shoes.

  • The upper section

It is important to know if you want a basketball with a high, middle, or low height. The following is how various heights suit different players.

  • High: They provide additional stability and support by wrapping your ankle. This additional coverage also adds the weight of the shoe.
  • Mid: Your ankle will be provided with medium support. Increased flexibility is allowed because the material covers exactly around the ankle.
  • Low: The ankle support is little because of their low profile hence making them good for agility and speed.
  • The upper security

The most popular closing technique is by using laces. However, you might come across some Basketball Shoes using zippers, hook and loop or even straps. These other upper-security techniques provide additional support to the ankles especially if you have high model shoes. It is good to note that, additional coverage adds more weight to the shoe.

  • The midsole

This is where you will find the cushioning material. This is a very important part in terms of the performance of a shoe. A midsole can be made of EVA foam which is light or polyurethane which is denser and more durable. Different technologies that are brand specific are used to make various midsoles especially the forefoot and the heel. This additional cushioning will protect the pressure points because they bear a high level of stress during the basketball game.

  • The outsole

Always checkout for an outsole that is wide and flat so that you are well balanced during the game. Also, the outsole should have a hexagonal pattern because it provides an extra grip. A firm grip will ensure you do not slide on the court while playing. This outsole is basically for indoor courts. However, if you want a shoe for outdoor surfaces, make sure the outsole is thicker and more durable.

  • Basketball shoes depending on playing position

Shoes will differ depending on your position in the court. Check the different options based on your position.

  • Guards: Shoes with a low top are the best because this position requires quick and fluid movements.
  • Forwards: These players are more aggressive and larger hence shoes with a high top are the best. These shoes offer more support and coverage when players are making aggressive jumps and moves.
  • All-round players: If this is your position, you will require mid-top shoes as they offer you room for making many and flexible movements.
  • Choosing a basketball shoe size

It is good to determine the size of your shoe before buying. Sizes vary depending on brand therefore be keen to avoid a small or a large shoe. A good fit enhances your playing capability.

  • Check the aesthetics

It is also important to mind the look of your basketball shoes. Bold colors are required if you really need to stand out. Also, the shoes should rhyme with your uniform.


The discussed tips will guide you when choosing the best basketball shoes for the game. Be keen to choose appropriate shoes for enhanced play.

Safe Scuba Diving

Essential Tips On How To Do A Safe Scuba Diving

As you Learn to scuba diving, there are essential guidelines that you need to follow so that you can achieve a successful diving session. These guidelines are made to ensure you stay safe while enjoying your adventure. Consider the following tips very essential for a safe scuba diving experience.

Ensure you are a certified diver

Different types of diving require different certifications. Ensure you get your skills from licensed diving operators only. Travel insurances will always provide you certified divers only. A diving course equips you with the diving know-how depending on your choice of dive. Additionally, make sure you have a good knowledge of how insurance policies operate regarding diving accidents.

Ensure you have diving fitness

A thorough medical examination in your native country is required before diving. If the doctor confirms that you are fit and your health is good, you can begin your diving classes with a licensed operator. Before commencing your diving course, proof of a signed medical statement is required. Finally, diving after a night’s out and with a hangover is extremely risky. It is strictly prohibited to dive under the influence of alcohol.

Heed to your instructor’s guidelines

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a newbie, always follow the instructor’s guidelines before and during the dive. Discipline is required from the moment you board the dive boat until you get back to the shore safely. Some important tips from your instructor include your destination, route to be taken, and what to be cautious of.

Ensure your Scuba gear is double-checked

Setting up your diving gear is very important before activities commence. Ensure everything is functioning effectively and remember to double-check. If you are uncertain, do not hesitate to confirm with your instructor. These steps are geared towards your safety while in the deep waters.

Have the relevant insurance

A travel and scuba diving insurance are very important as it covers you in case of an accident. Ensure you are covered while on the boat and also while in the water because accidents can happen anywhere. If you are not sure or you do not fully understand the insurance, always confirm with the insurance service provider.

Breath normally while diving

Normal breathing is essential as it prevents fatal injuries associated with air embolism. Failing to breathe normally will have air bubbles trapped in your blood and this is a life-threatening condition.

Equalize often as you descend the waters.

Your ears require equalization as you get deep into the waters so s to prevent injuries to your inner ear. This is a health precaution that needs adherence to maintain diving fitness.

Ensure you observe the gauge of your air

It is only possible to continue staying underwater if there is air in your tank. Keep a close eye and ensure you notice when the tank is half or less so that you plan on how to get back to the surface in time. Take this as your responsibility to stay safe and alive.


The discussed are some of the important tips that you need to embrace as you Learn to Scubadive. Ensure you follow other tips given by your instructor to have a maximum benefit regarding gaining diving experience.