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Athletic Clothe

Why Choosing the Right Athletic Clothes Is Important

Clothes serve many purposes to human beings. Without proper clothing, people are exposed to various harms the environment can cause on the physical body. As time went by, custom hoodies Canada became more than a protection; they’re also used as a fashion statement and to express oneself.

Different kinds of clothes have emerged to serve people in various fields. They can be costumes for artists, custom t-shirts for advocates, and gears for athletes. Talking more about proper clothes’ effects on athletes, here are some reasons why choosing the right athletic clothes is as important as any.

For Protection

Like what’s already established, clothes are first and foremost for protection. If you neglect to wear proper sports attire needed for your training or game, you might find yourself injured or sick.

Take this for example – you are taking a bit of a run around your area in one cold night. The wise thing to wear are long sleeves and long pants to prevent the cold from making its way to you. If you opt to wear t-shirts and short shorts, chances are, you’ll catch a cold, and that is just one of the lighter risks. You can get worse.

To Increase Performance

Taking jogging as an example once more. Wearing non-breathable shirts will trap the heat in, making you feel heavy and cause you to run slower. The shoes you wear matter too. Although there are shoes custom made for each type of sport, you might forget that when you think you’re only out to train. If you do, the wrong kind of shoes can either prevent you from giving your best performance or worse, get you injured.

Sometimes, no matter how good you are at your chosen sport, the material of clothes and the style of shoes, along with other proper wear, factor in your performance. Do choose clothes and footwear made of materials that will help you feel and be comfortable enough to give it your best shot.

To Move Freely

This is quite connected to performance but only a bit more. The wrong kind of athletic clothes may not only stop you from performing your best but also get you so uncomfortable and irritated that you’d just want to throw in the towel and leave for the comforts of your home.

To illustrate more, buying cheaper than usual sportswear might make you feel that you’ve gotten a great deal. While that can be true, you’re also taking the chance of wearing something that doesn’t fit well, so much so that moving freely is close to impossible, taking with it all the adrenaline and fun out of the game.

To Boost Confidence

Maybe it’s psychological, but wearing the proper athletic clothes will boost your confidence. It conditions you mentally and physically to do your training and play the game as seriously as you can because you feel that you are more than ready to do it, thanks to the proper feel of your sportswear.

For Recovery After Exercise

Some studies have been conducted on compression clothing. According to them, this type of clothing causes circulation which then helps in proper blood flow, consequently healing the muscles faster. The recovery then comes faster too.


Just like in any other event, proper clothing is important. Thus, don’t think twice to buy the proper ones for sports. Invest in them, because as shown above, the benefits will only help you in more aspects than one.

Old Phone

What to do with Your Old Phone When you buy a New One

Technology is rapidly changing. New features are added to Refurbished iPhones Ireland leading to the development of new products. As a result, you will be forced to acquire a new phone every year to keep up with technology changes. What to do with the old phones presents a challenge since recycling is not readily available.


Refurbishing old cell phones is gaining popularity. Some phones are sold as secondhand gadgets. In Turkey, about half of the numbers of phones sold are released to the secondhand market where owners sell them to other people. These phones are usually undocumented and unregistered. This avenue poses a security risk.

Although it is difficult to completely recycle cell phones, they can be sold as refurbished products. Several e-commerce entities securely sell refurbished phones. Some of these companies include Envirofone in UK and Gazelle in the US. They refurbish the phones and resell them to new users offering a 12 months warranty. A new company called EasyCep has been established, and it is following the footsteps of Envirofone and gazelle. This firm plans to sell used phones securely and differently than the usual secondhand market.

Sales price from the AI

EasyCep has established an AI platform to determine the price of the refurbished phones and consequently sell them online. This system combines several data including the phone model, color, capacity that is combined with the testing results, spare parts prices, purchase price, and exchange rate. The selling price will then be determined by the calculation of the AI. The AI automatically calculates the price based on the date entered in the system.

The difference between the secondhand market

The secondhand market may appear similar to the new model of selling; however, there are significant differences. In the secondhand market, the origin of the phone is not known. It could be a stolen device or previously used in a crime. Even when you restore factory settings, the information contained in the phone is not permanently erased. There are no sale contracts, and thus it could be hard to defend yourself in case the phone was used in a crime.

In refurbished phones, the seller uses the AI system to establish the value of the phone. EasyCep picks the phone the owner without charging them. The phone is then tested to detect any problems, and repaired if necessary. Price then set. The data in the phone is permanently deleted, restored to factory settings and firmware updated. A person who wants to buy from the platform goes to the “buy phone” button.

Questions from curious buyers

Many people are curious about the phones they are buying and ask questions. Established platforms have an avenue to offer genuine responses to customers.


The emergence of new online platforms to sell cell phones has led to better ways of selling used phones. The new platform is more secure and safe for the buyers. Refurbishing old phones is playing a big role since cell phones are rarely recycled.

CBD oil

Entry of CBD oil is likely to change competitions in athletics: welcoming a new surge of medical marijuana

The World Anti-Doping Agency that controls doping issued an updated list of the substances that are not allowed in athletics. Surprisingly, they removed some Cannabis Oils from the list. CBD oil, which is derived from cannabis or hemp plant, has gained many uses in the modern world. It is used in the medicine and cosmetic industry, and now it has been allowed in athletics.

Athletics testing

According to a report given by WADA in 2017, 322,000 athletics were tested. They included all Olympic athletics including marathoners and cyclists. In 2018, the BIG3 basketball league stated that they will allow the use of CBD oil. NBA had earlier indicated that they would review the issue of the use of cannabis.

Use of CBD oil in athletics

Uses of CBD oil continue to be discovered. There are many uses in medicine. CBD oil has been used in the treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, dementia, and acne among many more. Nevertheless, CBD oil is highly unregulated, and some people are selling them without proper information on their effectiveness towards a specific use.

Some athletics are using CBD oil to cure inflammation, as antioxidants as well as neuroprotective especially during recovery from injuries. Some athletics are supporting the use of CBD oil in sports terming them as effective products that will improve the health of an individual and keep them fit for competition without giving then any added advantage over other athletics.

Legality of CBD oil and impacts on athletics

Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws, where it is regarded as narcotic; however, some states have legalized marijuana to allow its recreational use. Nevertheless, industrial hemp is legal in the entire US meaning there are no restrictions on buying or selling the hemp products. In China, marijuana is also illegal, but the country has legalized the use of hemp products. Hemp is one of the most widely produced crops in China. Some Asian nations, such as Thailand are considering legalizing medicinal marijuana.

Most athletics management bodies are reluctant about the use of marijuana in pain management, but some athletics such as the NFL players have been supporting the use of cannabis and CBD.


There is a misunderstanding of the effects of CBD on the body. Some people think that CBD oil will lead to highness that is associated with marijuana. CBD does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is found in marijuana.

THC is the element that is responsible for affecting the functioning of the brain and leads to addiction. This means that a person can use the CBD without worrying about whether they become high.

In athletics, there is a worry on whether CBD could contain elements that are termed illegal especially in this era of exploration and unregulated production of CBD products. Some athletics are worried that some CBD oil products could be containing opioid that leads to addiction.


CBD is gaining popularity due to its many uses. In athletics, CBD is being considered as a product that will be useful in several ways. The legality and any negative effects of CBD on athletics must be considered.


Body Vibration Effective

Is Whole Body Vibration Effective for Weight Loss or Not?

People have been putting the effort to reduce their weight and achieving a slimmer, more toned body. Lifting and performing mild to extreme exercises have proven to be an effective way to achieve one’s ideal body, but the practice needs to be done constantly and must be paired with proper diet to see desirable results.

Nowadays, people also make use of vibrating machines to hasten the slimming and toning progress. Unlike the traditional, more physical way of cutting down weight, vibrating machines require less effort as the user only needs to stay still on the platform and let the machine break the fats down.

As convenient as it sounds, the method hasn’t fully been proven to be an effective method for weight loss; thus, people are still speculating whether or not this machine does successfully serve its purpose.

Vibrating Machines: How They Work

Theoretically, vibrating machines send signals to the user’s body with the use of vibration plates which then contract the muscles. Apart from the said theory, the machine also increases muscle strength, an effect that’s useful on athletes since they require an immense amount of muscle strength to keep up with the game’s pace.

As a matter of fact, vibration therapy (when using a vibrator machine) was originally intended for athletes as part of improving their training. Now, it can be used as part of gym exercises. As much as the effects are speculated to give such positive feedback to the body, this hasn’t been proven scientifically just yet. Thus, it remains to be a mere belief until studies can prove the effects to be valid.

Weight Loss as an Aftermath

Given that people mainly hit the gym as they want to lose weight, developers have built a less hassle way of acquiring their desirable weight with the use of vibrating machines. However, the machine hasn’t been completely proven to overpower exercise in terms of weight loss.

After conducting several trials, vibration therapy isn’t as effective in terms of proving its claim to reduce weight. In order for it to fully show its potential, individuals participating in the survey have stated that they combined vibration therapy with exercise and diet to see such positive changes in the body. Meanwhile, vibration therapy alone is said to be ineffective in losing one’s weight.

Although vibration therapy alone isn’t ideal for weight loss, it does promote the conditioning and strengthening of the muscles. Hence, it’s still proven to be useful in other ways sans the weight loss part.

Is Vibration Therapy Another Hoax for Slimming?

After conducting reviews from various vibrating machine users, the majority of them have claimed to combine vibration therapy together with exercise and proper diet to increase the chances of cutting off their weight. Apparently, vibration therapy alone isn’t capable of achieving such goal.

Despite the poor review, it also has its own benefits as mentioned: muscle conditioning and strengthening. Therefore, it’s still seen as a useful tool for athletes and gym enthusiasts.


People have been eager to reduce their fats and tone their muscles for a slimmer, more attractive body structure.

With the use of vibrating machines, users can have their muscles conditioned— an effect that’s useful for athletes. However, in terms of weight loss, it’s less effective when not paired with frequent exercise and a proper diet.

Play Baseball

Extreme Ways to Play Baseball

Baseball has been the first love and favourite pastime of America for many years now. Born and popularised in America, the game of baseball was never really able to catch on in the rest of the world. According to, America’s love for this sport has allowed it to prosper and become one of the most followed games in the continent and the world also.

Baseball losing its glory

Being a national favourite, the traditional game has more or less remained the same over the years with only a few changes to the rules. In the fast-paced world of ours, the game is losing out supporters due to its long running times and seasons that stretch for months with no clear winner in sight.

Baseball players were considered as idols and were seldom seen in public commercials as well as other national campaigns. However, this has not been the case for the past few years and baseball, as well as its players, are fast losing their sheen and respect they used to have back in the day.

Fast-paced gaming leagues such as NBA and MLS have overtaken the World Baseball series at an unexpected speed. The reluctance of the sporting authorities to introduce any change has only come back to haunt them as the game loses more followers with each passing day.

Ways to reawaken baseball

While the necessary standard of field rules can be fiddled with to create changes within the game, the game needs something more than a 10-second rule change to reawaken the spirit of baseball in every American heart and beyond.

Here are a few crazy ways one can play baseball while living life on the extreme side –

Organize bat-flipping contests – Celebrations and moves have always been able to catch the eye of the public and go viral. For a game that invented the high-five, crazy contests like bat-flipping could be redemption. Who knows, flipping the bat might go as popular as the infamous bottle flips went in the past year.

Using a trap door on the mound – Won’t it be hilarious to place a trap door underneath the mound that would open up whenever the manager wanted to. No better way to call the pitcher back to the bench, than to slide him through the trap door to the shower room.

Introduce live music in the game format – Everyone likes a little glamor attached to sporting activity. Be it cheerleading squads, or lavishing after-parties, they tend to make an impact. If nothing, you can at least the players in a fashionable way seated on top of an elephant maybe! A car or open jeep would do as well.

Shorten the format to make it more exciting – Small sudden death tournaments with shorter game format would be able to gather a crowd that is looking for something quick and exciting on their weekend. A tried-and-tested method, it is bound to add a breath of fresh air to the dying game of classic baseball.


Things need to change with time. So does the game of baseball! It is only with these fun techniques that the game would be able to recover its lost sheen and become America’s number one pastime that it once was.

Boxing Gloves

Choosing the Right Size for your Boxing Gloves

Having the right size for a boxing practice gloves will be instrumental in your journey towards winning titles. The right size will ensure your hands are comfortable and free from any type of injury.

Measurement Considerations

Boxing gloves should properly fit the snug of your hands. The size of the gloves come in ounces which are determined through the height, weight, and circumference of your hands. These sizes range from the smallest size of 6oz for small hands to 20oz which is usually common in heavyweight fighters with bigger hands.

The measurements are taken using a scale and a fibre tape. Taking the circumference is a little tricky and could lead to wrong figures if not properly taken. The circumference is taken from just below the knuckles. The tape should then meet at the centre of the palm. This measurement will be used in comparison to the measurement of the most suitable gloves.

Determining the Type of Gloves Appropriate for Your Needs

Although boxing gloves look similar, they are totally different. There are two types of gloves – training and competitive gloves – and each of them is specific and ideal to the expected use.

Competition gloves

They are specifically designed for competition purposes. The knuckles have less padding to ensure your opponent gets the maximum effects of your punches. Competition boxing gloves are divided into two categories: amateur and professional gloves.

Amateur gloves are more regulated to adhere to the strict rules of boxing. They are characterised by red or blue colour with a white knuckle overlay to aid the judges in awarding scores to the competitors.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring boxing gloves are specially designed for sparring only. They have a special consideration with extra padding meant to protect you as well as your sparring partner. These gloves are sized in a similar way as the trainer’s gloves; however, they can be heavier due to the added padding.

Training gloves

These gloves are ideal for learners; however, they are also useful for veteran boxers. They have good padding and are appropriate for sparring as well as for bag training but are not specialised for any of these activities.

Big gloves

Big gloves are used on the speed bag, pad training, and heavy bag. They have less padding to allow you to feel the landing of the punches and get used to the impacts.


Amateur boxing gloves come in three distinct sizes:

  • 10oz gloves – used by the light welterweight category (141lb)
  • 12oz gloves – commonly used by welterweight from 152lb to 201lb and above
  • 16oz gloves – special for older fighters who are 41 years old and above

The pro fighter gloves are categorised into two groups based on their size:

  • 8-ounce –designed for welterweight boxers (147lb and below)
  • 10-ounce gloves –appropriate for welterweight (154lb and above)


While selecting boxing gloves, it is crucial to check the size charts while matching your measurements to the ideal size that will fit your hands. It is also vital to remember that the gloves’ sizes may vary depending on the brands and manufacturers.

Water Sport Adventurer

Summer Tips for Every Water Sport Adventurer

Summer months are synonymous to sand, sea, and sun but for most thrill-seekers, water escapades can happen all-year-round. Water sports and swimming lessons know no season! However, before you plunge into the waters, get to know these eight safety tips that will prepare you for your water sports activities.

Learn how to swim.

This might sound like a cliché but this is a must for anyone who wants to engage in water sports. There’s a reason why most parents enroll their kids in swimming lessons. It is a necessary life skill not only for survival but for water sports safety as well. You will only truly enjoy river rafting if you’re confident that you can swim in case the raft flips over.

Wear a life jacket and other proper equipment.

Knowing how to swim will keep you alive and wearing a life jacket doubles your safety. Some refuse to wear this bright orange floatation device because they might think that their beach pictures would become less fashionable. Yet, always remember that safe is the new sexy! Make sure that you also have the necessary equipment. Snorkelers, for example, would need a snorkel, mask, goggles, and diving fins.

Wear sunscreen.

Never underestimate how sunlight can be harsh for your skin. Without sunscreen, you might be coming back to the shore with a bad sunburn and a risk for skin disease. It is recommended to put on SPF 50 sunscreen 30 minutes before hitting the beach.

Join the safety orientation.

Most organized water sports activities like surfing, kayaking, and wakeboarding, have a safety orientation. Make sure to listen intently to the safety guidelines. Be mindful of off-limits areas. Participants may not be allowed to go to very deep waters. Avoid potentially dangerous rocks and breakwaters.

Check the weather forecast.

The forces of nature can be unforgiving so be sure to check the weather a day before your scheduled trip. If strong winds and rains are anticipated, it is best to postpone that paddle boarding activity in the lagoon. Aside from the weather forecast from your smartphone, check advisories from the official Coast Guard and weather agencies in your country as well.

Be trained in your chosen water sport.

If it is your first time to ride a surfboard, ensure that you train with a surf instructor before heading out to the sea. Never engage in a water sport alone if you have no prior experience.

Know when to go out of the water.

Staying long in the water can be tiring. If you experience cramps or feel tired, head to land immediately. If you are not confident with your swimming ability, stay in shallow waters close to the shore.

Respect the environment.

Be a responsible adventurer by being respectful to marine life, other animals, and all plant life that you may encounter. As a visitor, do no harm by keeping your distance. At sea, do not touch or step on corals. Refrain from taking seashells and buying charms and dried animals.

Water sports provide unlimited fun and adrenaline. However, all adventures come with risks. Follow the safety tips above and it will spell the difference for worry-free and fun-filled thrills in the water.

Lifestyle Blogs

Best Active Lifestyle Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Knowledge about a healthy lifestyle can be easily shared by lifestyle bloggers now that there are a lot of web hosting opportunities today. These blogs aim to provide facts and inspirational ideas to help people. If you want to start reading one, the below list will provide you with the best active lifestyle blogs that you can find on the internet today:

The Real Food Dietitians

Meet Jessica and Stacie, two registered dietitian nutritionist who actively run a blog titled “The Real Food Dietitians.” They are happy to post advice and recipes of dishes that are gluten-free and allergy-friendly every day.

Delish Knowledge

This blog is full of vegetarian recipes and nutrition advice. Delish Knowledge is one of the must-check lifestyle blogs because of its easy and innovated vegan recipes. Say goodbye to hassle dishes because Ales, a registered dietitian, got your back!

Toby Amidor Nutrition

Get simple tips for meal preparation made by Toby! Nutrition news, discussion of health issues, food safety, and healthy recipes are the content of her blog. Start achieving that healthy body by following her.

Fit Foodie Finds

The founder, Lee Funke, started the blog way back in 2011. Since then, the site actively posts and promotes balance and healthy lifestyle ideas to its readers. Here, the site contains helpful content like workout routines, travel tips, fashion styles, and positive thoughts. Check this out and prepare to be inspired!

My Fitness Pal

This blog is meant for those people who want to start having a healthier lifestyle. They present articles about exercises and activities. Here, you can have lots of ideas when it comes to coming up with a healthy routine as this site is full of amazing content.

Fit Bottomed Girls

From the experience of Jenn and Kristen, follow their story and advice on how to successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t know how to start a diet, with their content, coming up with recipes will not be as hard anymore.

Peanut Butter Fingers

As a personal trainer and a mom, Julie started her blogging about recipes, workouts, and maternal information. With a goal to achieve a healthier lifestyle, Julie actively shares her advice, hacks, and tips.


Talking about motherhood might not be that easy. However, with Mommypotamus, it can get easier. Find natural remedies, beauty, health, natural home remedies, DIY, and recipes on this blog. Heather, the mother behind mommypotamus, actively shares insights and stories for everyone!

Naturally Savvy

Naturally Savvy gives healthier choices for everyone. With their very helpful and essential contents, they have been helping a lot of people. Here, you can read a lot of natural and healthy options that you can follow at home.

The Healthy Maven

This blog is dedicated to those people who are looking for healthy recipes, adventures, fitness routines, and an active lifestyle. Browse their various selection to achieve a healthy lifestyle!


There are many lifestyle blogs that could help you in achieving that balanced and healthy lifestyle. Just go and explore, find what inspires you, and stay healthy!

The Top UK Adventure Races of 2019

Are you willing to take a risk? If so, then be a part of these dauntless events which are held in the UK.

Every time you finish a race or cycle numerous sportives, a new and exciting event will appear. Some of these events are held in the isolated yet beautiful parts of the UK.

Whether you’re a pro at kayaking, cycling, or trail running, you’ll certainly enjoy these adventure races. Additionally, if you enjoy exciting adventures, you can take part as well. We compiled a list of the best UK adventure events that will be happening throughout 2019.

July 6, 2019 – Man Vs Coast

Get ready to be challenged on the Cornish Peninsula with Man Vs Coast’s 37km route. You’ll be running on most parts of the trail and swimming on some sections. You’ll also be clambering over a few cliffs in order to finish this race. The route extends from St. Michael’s Mount to the Land’s End.

August 31, 2019 – Race The Sun Lake District

When the first sign of sunrise appears, the race will initiate. You’ll need to finish the race before the sun goes down, hence the name. You need to finish three sections which consist of an 80km cycle, a hike to the peak of Helvellyn (England’s 3rd highest mountain), and a 3km canoe. You only have 14 hours to achieve all of these so you need to be on top of your game.

September 28, 2019 – Rat Race Adventure Challenge

This ten-hour challenge will be held on Glanusk Estate in the Brecon Beacons. The Rat Race Adventure Challenge involves running, cycling, and kayaking across three different sports. You will need to complete a total of 7 loops which cover a total of 100km. Aside from that, most of the terrain in this route is mountainous and challenging.

The Top UK Cycling Events for The Year 2019

Look out for these sportive dates and cycle throughout the best parts of the UK.

April 7, 2019 – Ronde Van Calderdale

When you’re watching pro cyclists race each other on the cobblestone pavement of Paris Roubaix, you might be thinking of trying it out too. Well, here is your chance. Ronde Van Calderdale will be held in Yorkshire this April. Several challenges in this event include cycling through steep cobbled climbs such as the Old Lane and Shibden Hill. This cycling race is ideal for thrill-seekers and not for the faint of heart.

August 3-4, 2019 – Prudential RideLondon-Surrey

The UK’s biggest sportive is now open for registration. Entries are welcome until the event has received 80,000 ballots. In this race, you can pedal through the center of London in closed roads to the iconic finish line inside The Mall. Furthermore, you’ll be cycling through challenging climbs located in the Surrey Hills.

August 31, 2019 – Bealach Mor

Brace yourselves as the biggest road climb race in the UK is now open for entries. Bealach na Bà ascends 626m from sea level. This 145-km cycling route is considered to be one of the toughest races you can participate in. Aside from that, it is also the most spectacular event. If you’re not up for a 145-km race, there is a 69-km option available.

September 15, 2019 – London to Brighton Cycle Ride

This race is a must-try, especially for all cyclists. The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is a charity race with amazing amenities. If you fancy filling yourself up with food after a grueling ride, there is a buffet lunch at the 46km point. This charity event is held to help raise money for numerous charities around the country. The 2019 charity partner of this event will be the Great Ormond Street Hospital.