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Extreme Sports Trader is a price comparison website for surf clothing, snow gear and lifestyle accessories, as well as extreme sports equipment and hardware accessories. You can also buy and sell your second hand gear here.

We compare prices from the best websites out there, to bring you the best prices possible for all sorts of surf clothing and extreme sports gear. Surf wear is incredibly popular right now and there are so many sites all selling the same stuff that it would take you forever to track down the best prices. Thankfully, now you don’t have to, because we do all the hunting for you and bring you the cheapest prices for surf clothes, snow gear, extreme sports hardware and a whole lot more!

All of the products and prices we compare are updated daily, so you can be sure that you really are looking at the best deals on the web. If you’re hunting for some cheap surf clothes, a brand new snowboard for the winter season, or just a new pair of flip flops for the beach, Extreme Sports Trader is the only site you need to visit from now on.

As well as finding the very best prices for your surf clothing and adrenaline hardware, we also encourage users to leave reviews of products that they have previously bought or used. Because we are not trying to sell you anything in particular, you can be assured that all reviews are impartial and only edited if the submitter has used inappropriate language.

If all this wasn't enough, we are still carrying on our incredibly popular second hand marketplace platform here. This section of the site allows anyone to advertise their second hand extreme sports equipment and accessories completely free of charge! And with thousands of visitors a day to this area of the site alone, you’re sure to be inundated with enquiries should you choose to advertise some of your own gear.

We very much hope that you enjoy using our site and always welcome any questions, suggestions or feedback from you. Just drop us as email.

Ladies Bags & Luggage

There is a very good reason why our ladies bags and luggage section is amongst the largest of the site. It is very simply because women like bags, and where there is demand, there is supply. Whilst a man might use the same bag for the gym, for shopping, for the beach and for weekends away, women need multiple bags. Firstly it needs to be the right size for the activity in question. Women will not take a duffel bag to the shops for example because it is too big, and they will probably be tempted to fill up the extra space with purchases. On the other hand, using a handbag for a weekend break is simply out of the question as there is no way on earth it will fit the twenty different outfits they will bring, all their toiletries, and more magazines than they could read in a month. With this in mind, a different size ladies bag is required for every occasion.

Secondly, there is the issue of multiple fashions and styles within the same bag category. For example, one shopper bag might go really well with red high-heeled shoes, but look totally wrong with pastel pumps. This is a very valid reason for having lots of colour, pattern and design variations of similar size bags, so that no matter what you’re wearing or what the event, you’ll always have a bag that looks the part.

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