What to do with Your Old Phone When you buy a New One

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What to do with Your Old Phone When you buy a New One

Technology is rapidly changing. New features are added to Refurbished iPhones Ireland leading to the development of new products. As a result, you will be forced to acquire a new phone every year to keep up with technology changes. What to do with the old phones presents a challenge since recycling is not readily available.


Refurbishing old cell phones is gaining popularity. Some phones are sold as secondhand gadgets. In Turkey, about half of the numbers of phones sold are released to the secondhand market where owners sell them to other people. These phones are usually undocumented and unregistered. This avenue poses a security risk.

Although it is difficult to completely recycle cell phones, they can be sold as refurbished products. Several e-commerce entities securely sell refurbished phones. Some of these companies include Envirofone in UK and Gazelle in the US. They refurbish the phones and resell them to new users offering a 12 months warranty. A new company called EasyCep has been established, and it is following the footsteps of Envirofone and gazelle. This firm plans to sell used phones securely and differently than the usual secondhand market.

Sales price from the AI

EasyCep has established an AI platform to determine the price of the refurbished phones and consequently sell them online. This system combines several data including the phone model, color, capacity that is combined with the testing results, spare parts prices, purchase price, and exchange rate. The selling price will then be determined by the calculation of the AI. The AI automatically calculates the price based on the date entered in the system.

The difference between the secondhand market

The secondhand market may appear similar to the new model of selling; however, there are significant differences. In the secondhand market, the origin of the phone is not known. It could be a stolen device or previously used in a crime. Even when you restore factory settings, the information contained in the phone is not permanently erased. There are no sale contracts, and thus it could be hard to defend yourself in case the phone was used in a crime.

In refurbished phones, the seller uses the AI system to establish the value of the phone. EasyCep picks the phone the owner without charging them. The phone is then tested to detect any problems, and repaired if necessary. Price then set. The data in the phone is permanently deleted, restored to factory settings and firmware updated. A person who wants to buy from the platform goes to the “buy phone” button.

Questions from curious buyers

Many people are curious about the phones they are buying and ask questions. Established platforms have an avenue to offer genuine responses to customers.


The emergence of new online platforms to sell cell phones has led to better ways of selling used phones. The new platform is more secure and safe for the buyers. Refurbishing old phones is playing a big role since cell phones are rarely recycled.

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