The Fundamentals of 3-Gun Shooting

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Fundamentals of 3-Gun Shooting

The Fundamentals of 3-Gun Shooting

Three-gun shooting competition is an emerging exciting sport of today. As the name implies, it requires three different guns to be shoot in a given time limit, level of difficulty, and various range. Deductions are also given based on the mechanics of the competition. You want to confirm the facts, Check Adventurefootstep now.

Newbies might be overwhelmed since this sport requires equipment that not everyone can afford. This also requires new skills since competitors must be knowledgeable and skillful with the guns that they are about to use.

Most of the 3-gun shooters are very friendly and helpful persons. You may talk to them about your interest in this sport, and they will be very willing to teach you and even let you borrow their things. They will guide you and probably refer you to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Guns Used in 3-Gun Shooting

Tactical Optics is the most popular division in 3-gun shooting. New shooters usually start with them. But before that, you may also want to know more about the guns used.

AR-15 style rifles are common in this sport, but if you already have a magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle with optic bolt, you may want to join the competition. Those are the minimum requirement for the rifle, but you can still modify your gun for better mechanisms and ease in usage. Guns for this competition are also readily available in the market. You may purchase one, then practice a lot. One optical sight is allowed to be installed on the rifle.

Loaded magazines may be carried in pockets, but it will be convenient if you will have your magazine holder.

Pump action is also permitted by Tactical Optics to be used in the competition. You may bring yours if you have one and try it on. After doing so, you may know the advantages and disadvantages. You can upgrade it later on.

For the pistols, a Smith and Wesson, Glock, or M&P will do. You just need to have four magazines and a holder to hold at least three of them.

You may try this 3-gun shooting competition to figure out what could be the best among the guns, what are the accessories and equipment that can give convenience to shooters, and what is the best strategy to win.

Here are some things to remember in joining three-gun shooting competition:

  • Prepare. Not just the guns but also your physical aspect. Practice your shooting skills. Do some running to strengthen your stamina. The competition involves obstacle courses as well.
  • Register. Choose the appropriate category that suits your preference and skills.
  • Do your best. The stages of the competition usually range from 8 to 12, and the targets range from 35 and above. Prepare for the transition of guns and the obstacle. Shoot the targets in the fastest way you can and be careful with the deductions.

Final thoughts

Winners of 3-gun shooting competition did not win in an instant. Surely, they invest in training, ammunition, guns, sights, magazines, holders, accessories, and other upgrades. You can also be like them. With the gun that you are comfortable to use, and with hard work, surely you can win your way to the 3-gun shooting competition.

Guns are just materials. At the end of the day, the shooters’ passion and responsibility will always make things go well. Passion enables the person to seek the best for the things that he/she loved to do, while responsibility is also essential, for without it, handling different guns will be very dangerous.

Good guns and good character are the fundamentals of 3-gun shooting.

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