Tips for home treadmill use

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Tips for home treadmill use

Treadmills can be amazing to a home especially for busy families that wat to do some exercise. As experts recommend, we are always advised to be cautious when dealing with large machine especially if you have babies.

Treadmill safety became an issue of concern in 2009 after mike Tyson’s child lost her life in a treadmill accident.  However, organizations and news outlet have been teaching the society on safety when dealing with treadmill after other treadmill accidents have been reported

According to various research, treadmill injuries are common among children as compared to adults.   In 2015 there was about 470 exercise equipment which was related to injuries. For children who were less than 12 years. In 2016 the accidents increased in children who were under 12 years.

Most accidents occur when small fingers are caught in a belt mechanism and their muscles and skin end up being removed. Other serious injuries can occur such as amputation, burns, and fractures. Children are also likely to be thrown from the equipment making them have concussions or large fractures.

The following are tips to keep practicing to keep your children safe

Do not allow children to move on the treadmill- This way they can easily fall and get concussions

Never leave a treadmill unattended. You need to always ensure that your children are restricted from accessing the treadmill room.

Ensure that the treadmill is facing towards the entrance of the room so that a walker and runner can always see when a child is getting into the room

Try to get the security code of the treadmill to ensures that babies cannot start the machine

Ensure that the treadmill is always tidy and kept in a place where young children cannot access it. This will ensure that no strangulation or choking occurs on them

Always have safety keys on your hand when you are running. However, some treadmills can always be stopped using a button. When you are through with using it store the safety key where it cannot be accessed by children. since the key will be needed to start the treadmill again

Lastly, you need to ensure that you have kept children away. Ensure that no child goes near the treadmill.  To avoid falls and neck injuries

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