Crossbows and Compound Bows’ Comparison and Contrast


Crossbows and Compound Bows’ Comparison and Contrast

There are critical differences between the two arrow-using hunting weapons – best crossbow and Compound Bows. We will talk about the qualities of both tools and their advantages and the disadvantages as well.


A bow’s speed is mostly dependent on its draw weight and power stroke. Crossbows with average draw weight, such as the 150#, are slower than 70# compound bows, due to their shorter power stroke.

Draw Weight

This refers to the maximum force amount needed to draw a bow. Compound bows have less pull weight compared to crossbows since the earlier has longer power stroke than the latter and therefore generates less energy and speed.

Power Stroke

This is the length of the bowstring’s travel from the cocked position to the release position or resting point. This determines the speed of the arrow’s flight at the same draw weight.

Compound bows are easier to handle when it comes to higher power stroke compared to crossbows because the latter needs to be longer to have a higher power stroke, and in consequence, it will become more substantial.


Faster crossbows create problems because of their higher draw weight. The problem is the vibration or unwanted noise created by the extra energy of the bow, which hunters need the least on a hunting trip.

Drawing of the Bow

Crossbows require more muscle power and are more challenging to draw because of their higher draw weight. An inconvenient alternative to this is to use a crank on drawing and locking the bow in between shots, which usually takes thirty seconds. This kind of bow also requires regular replacement and repair on its components, usually its cables and strings.

On the other hand, the components of compound bows can last longer. However, weak or injured people will still encounter problems with drawing whichever kind of bows they use.


Compound bows are longer than crossbows, but they are more convenient to carry during hunting. Crossbows usually measure twenty-four inches between each axle, with additional thirty-four inches in their length.

Mass Weight

The overall size of crossbows, with their forearm grip, shoulder stock, and limbs, make them twice or thrice heavier than modern compound bows. This makes them more tiring to carry during hunting trips.


The consistency of the compound bows’ anchor point makes it more accurate when shooting. To acquire extreme accuracy, string loops are required. On the other hand, the consistency of the crossbows’ string position tends to be compromised because this kind of bows needs to be drawn and locked into a latch.

That causes the arrow to miss the target. For these reasons, shooters with compound bows have higher scores than shooters with crossbows in a tournament.


Based on the differences of the qualities of crossbows and compound bows, it is easy to comprehend that the advantages of the crossbows are their ability to be drawn and locked at full draw until they are ready to be shot. These seem to make the crossbow be a favorable weapon for beginner hunters and archery enthusiasts.

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