Entry of CBD oil is likely to change competitions in athletics: welcoming a new surge of medical marijuana

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CBD oil

Entry of CBD oil is likely to change competitions in athletics: welcoming a new surge of medical marijuana

The World Anti-Doping Agency that controls doping issued an updated list of the substances that are not allowed in athletics. Surprisingly, they removed some Cannabis Oils from the list. CBD oil, which is derived from cannabis or hemp plant, has gained many uses in the modern world. Survery shows cbd relieves pain and that it is used in the medicine and cosmetic industry, and now it has been allowed in athletics.

Athletics testing

According to a report given by WADA in 2017, 322,000 athletics were tested. They included all Olympic athletics including marathoners and cyclists. In 2018, the BIG3 basketball league stated that they will allow the use of CBD oil. NBA had earlier indicated that they would review the issue of the use of cannabis.

Use of CBD oil in athletics

Uses of CBD oil continue to be discovered. There are many uses in medicine. CBD oil has been used in the treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, dementia, and acne among many more. Nevertheless, CBD oil is highly unregulated, and some people are selling them without proper information on their effectiveness towards a specific use.

Some athletics are using CBD oil to cure inflammation, as antioxidants as well as neuroprotective especially during recovery from injuries. Some athletics are supporting the use of CBD oil in sports terming them as effective products that will improve the health of an individual and keep them fit for competition without giving then any added advantage over other athletics.

Legality of CBD oil and impacts on athletics

Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws, where it is regarded as narcotic; however, some states have legalized marijuana to allow its recreational use. Nevertheless, industrial hemp is legal in the entire US meaning there are no restrictions on buying or selling the hemp products. In China, marijuana is also illegal, but the country has legalized the use of hemp products. Hemp is one of the most widely produced crops in China. Some Asian nations, such as Thailand are considering legalizing medicinal marijuana.

Most athletics management bodies are reluctant about the use of marijuana in pain management, but some athletics such as the NFL players have been supporting the use of cannabis and CBD.


There is a misunderstanding of the effects of CBD on the body. Some people think that CBD oil will lead to highness that is associated with marijuana. CBD does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is found in marijuana.

THC is the element that is responsible for affecting the functioning of the brain and leads to addiction. This means that a person can use the CBD without worrying about whether they become high.

In athletics, there is a worry on whether CBD could contain elements that are termed illegal especially in this era of exploration and unregulated production of CBD products. Some athletics are worried that some CBD oil products could be containing opioid that leads to addiction.


CBD is gaining popularity due to its many uses. In athletics, CBD is being considered as a product that will be useful in several ways. The legality and any negative effects of CBD on athletics must be considered.


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